Rheumatic Center Hospital; A Core of Medical Care for the Patients with Rheumatic Diseases.

Rheumatic Center Hospital

This hospital is the first domestic public hospital specialized for the patients with rheumatic diseases. It is filled up by specialized medical functions, and big expectation from the patients is brought together to the future medical services of this center.

Basic principle

This special hospital provides kind-hearted medical care adapted to the needs of the patients.

Basic policies

  1. Medical care for the rheumatic diseases: This hospital promotes team approach and offers advanced professional treatment.
  2. Medical care using rehabilitation: This hospital provides special rehabilitation medical care in the subacute care units.
  3. Regional medical care and home medical care: This hospital provides home medical care in a close cooperation with the regional medical welfare institution.


  1. Provision of medical services by collecting experts (“Total management”)
    By having a general hospital (Shibata hospital) next to this special hospital (Niigata Rheumatic Center), two hospitals plan to cooperate in the aspect of talented persons, institution and facilities. By collecting experts in a wide field, this hospital is able to cope with various complications and delicate operations.
  2. Information center
    Accumulation, analysis, and dispatch of the information about the rheumatic diseases are the function of this information center for the patients and the cooperative medical institutions.

    Information center
  3. Clinical research
    This hospital functions as an institution of up-to-date treatment and clinical research of rheumatic diseases.

Clinical research

System of medical management (Satellite clinic)

Patients have a medical examination and treatment regularly in this hospital once in two or three months, and daily life medical management is given in the nearest affiliated satellite clinic.

System of medical management